Naam : Yann Lovelock



80 Doris Rd, Birmingham B11 4NF.

Tel. 0121 449 6402.

BA Hons in Eng. Lit. from St Edmund Hall, Oxford (1963)

Teaching experience:

Part-time tutor in Sheffield Univ. English Dept. (1968-70)

Part-time lecturer in Creative Writing at Wolverhampton Art College and Birmingham Polytechnic (1978-80).

Part-time lecturer for WEA in Creative Writing and Eastern Religions (1980-2)

Creative writing arts worker for West Midlands Art Link (1984-7)

Writers in Schools residencies for Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry Education authorities during the 1980s

1998-2001 taught the Verse Translation module for London University Dutch Dept's MA in Translation.

Governor at Yarnfield Primary School, 2002-5.

Buddhist involvement:

* Became Buddhist 1966 and since 1978 connected with Birmingham Buddhist Vihara. Three months as Theravadin monk (in B'ham) in 1982; eleven days at the newly opened Sangharama Monastery in 2002. Have helped superintend its meditation programme. In charge of educational outreach at the Vihara and subsequently the Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda (this has also involved teaching in schools and other educational institutions).

* Buddhist representative on the Multi Faith Research Unit steering committee (1981-5).

* Buddhist chaplain at a wide number of HM Prisons 1980-90. Co-founded Angulimala, the Buddhist Prison.Chaplaincy Organisation, with Ven. Khemadhammo; acted as its Co-ordinator 1984-95 and until 2003 serving on its Executive Committee

* Appointed as Buddhist representative to the Atlantic College Religious Advisory Panel (1989) and until 2003 regularly teaching in the Theory of Knowledge and World Religions courses at the school.

* Publicity Officer for Birmingham Council of Faiths since 2000.

* Joined Birmingham SACRE as Buddhist representative in 2000. Annually renewed co-option to NASACRE Exec. Cttee since 2002.

* Founder member of West Midlands Buddhist Council in 2002 and its Publicity Officer.

* Joined Connecting Faith Communities steering group in 2002-4.

* Exec. Cttee of West Midlands Faiths Forum, 2003; elected Vice Chair 2005 (and thereby Alternative Member for Faith on West Midlands Regional Assembly).

* Elected to Network of Buddhist Organisations as Newsletter Editor in 2004; Acting Interfaith Co-ordinator in 2005, position confirmed in 2006.

* Sec. of Birmingham Maha Vihara 2005.

Literary Activity

A select bibliography is attached, ignoring much of the poetry and literary journalism.

Vice-Chair Freundkreis Poesie Europe, 1977-97

Corresponding Member of La Société de Langue et de Littérature Wallonnes, 1995


Sheffield University Verse Prize, 1966

Silver Medal Haute Académie d'Art et de Littérature de France, 1986

Granted Buddhist title of Dhammachariya at Dhammatalaka Pagoda, 2000

Golden Buddha Award from the Thai-British Buddhist Trust, 2004


Literary Editor - Isis (Oxford Univ.) 1961-2

Reviews Editor - Iron (Newcastle on Tyne) 1974-82

Assistant editor - The Little Word Machine (Birmingham) 1975-9

Guest Editor - Skylark (Aligarh, India) Dutch Poetry number 1989

Associate editor - Oasis (London) 1990-2002

Associate guest editor - Modern Poetry in Translation (University of London) Dutch & Flemish issue1997

Editor - Bright Spark (Sparkhill community newsletter) 1998-2002

Editor - BCF News (Birmingham Council of Faiths newsletter) 2001-

Associate Editor - Lotus (the lay review of Birmingham Buddhist Vihara) 2001-5

Editor - Lovelock Lines (the Lovelock family newsletter) 2004-

Sub-editor - SACRE News (the NASACRE newsletter) 2005-